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A pseudonym?

Plus que celui de pseudonym I decided to use the terme AOC

AOC, why?

Par curiosité soutenue de voir dans quelle mesure l'on peut faire accepter une identité choisie.
Par pure fantaisie.
Par défi de parvenir à en faire respecter de l'orthographe jusqu'à la moindre majuscule. Parce que je possède des identités intérieures multiples, et que je voulais en partager l'évidence.
For fun et provoquer à la singularité.
For the music et le supplément de poésie que je nous souhaite.

present :

main gauche FOUND ALL THE WORLD OF main droite
-Acte V-

LightsObjects & ShadowsObjets propose to offer you some paths to explore to do this.

Where is it?
At the Caves Notre Dame
2 Rue Frédéric Mistral 34200 Sète

Varnishing Saturday, June 3 at noon
From 3 June to the end of the beautiful summer 2017 (21st September)

Schedule to be invented as part of the schedules of the Caves Notre Dame:
From Tuesday to Saturday from 09:30 to 12:30 & 15:00 to 19:00.
And on Rendez-Vous by phone: 06 72 35 19 73

LightsObject for what?

Who are the ShadowsObjets?

What if we were to live in a formidable period... of mediocrity?
To ward off a present in cruel loss of meaning, the LightsObjects are there to serve us. Who does not hear the return of the sound of the boots? What do we do to make vibrating songs?
I wish to offer ourselves tools to create multiple and fruitful answers to the possible: Let's All Antifatalists & a desirable future is at hand!
The LightsObjects are supports for an introspecto-constructive meditation, a call to reconstruct fully, Together.

The ShadowsObject are reflections of ourselves.
Multiple if we choose it by offering them light,
They invite us to look at each other better by multiplying the points of view.
Would they hope that we are more complex than we seem?

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