I wish first of all to specify the sense(direction) of the word object, by choosing among
the definitions which the dictionary « Robert » proposes us:


Toute chose (…) qui affecte les sens ,
et spécialement la vue; “la perception des objets”.
l.l   ABSTRAIT :
Tout ce qui se présente à la pensée, qui est
occasion ou matière pour l’activité de l’esprit.
“L’objet de la pensée”.

This first sense is to be privileged to the one who comes from evidence & who would Lock
the reality of my comment into something incomplete,
- because I speak not only here about surface but about essence!-.


Chose solide ayant unité et indépendance
et répondant à une certaine destination -> chose.

These ObjetLumineux ( OL) builds themselves from the meeting between
objects (or pieces) which compose them.
My desire is to perpetuate objects dedicated to the disappearance
by offering to them to meet the light.
They are the result of a double work: on the general shape, the body of ObjetLumineux which exists even when the light does not live in it;
On the light & its corollary, the shadow - the soul of ObjetLumineux-
All carry a name & a number which place them in the big series of OL.

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