Questionnaires I



To quench my curiosity,
To gather in some material for future projects,
To know you better - Although in a very fragmented way! - you, dear visitors of this site!

f certain questions seem to you absurd, or if, in Salvoes, the questions seem to you ill-matched, jumping of the cock in the soul, I would be very grateful to you for taking them how they are, (just like our human condition!) and to answer it nevertheless! Do not go to believe by discovering the 2nd salvo which I begin to be on first-name terms with you: I took back such which the formulations of the persons having answered my request to ask a question in the direction of each of the members of our present humanity. invite you to make of even if you wish it, by registering in the field " your question to everyone " It can be a part of the next salvo...

[bhâ dit Hoô dit béné dit Melle Bureau]

First Salvo of questions!

  1. What is your favorite color ?
  2. What is your seasons preferred? Is it the one of your birthday ?
  3. Do you often miss? Specify !
  4. With what frequency do you brush yourselves teeth ?
  5. Among the domestic spots what are the ones that you loathe, those whom you make with pleasure ?
  6. Are you ?
  7. optimist Pessimist Antifatalist
  8. Think you not to reflect it well that it is of your man's duty to be an antifatalist ?
  9. What do you think about children? Babies ?

End of the first Salvo of questions !

Your question in the direction of the humanity:

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