Photographic Work

L'ombre de bhâ

At the time of the any digital technology, I remain faithful to the argentic photography: particulary because it puts a distance between the moment of the click & that where we discover effectively
the photo.

It causes beautiful surprises as when we find a forgotten or misled film & when this one delivers the secret to the counter of a shop of photo...

No Photoshop Project

So begin the series of No Photoshop Project, the name of which is one joke to the famous software of retouch photo, with which I would have probably been able to arrive at the same result, but without the freshness of the concretized unforeseen, and in passing a considerable time for the choice of photos!
Of course when a photo double exposed is good, it is the result of a process,
the fate being only a factor framed well by this last one...

First 4 series

Dé(s)cor(p)s, Décadrage.*

Dread the people in their environement, frame the places of the bodies which live in them, morceller these bodies to offer them the holiday cottage of an unusual relief. See places & people under an angle to which the glance cannot aspire because it includes, & which the photography allows because it chooses.


It is the complementary approach although that it sometimes gets closer to the abstraction, I am interested here in the creation of frames so physical as formed by the fortuitous meeting with places or things.

Série d’étude des luminaires dans leur environnement.*

The light, the shadow are permanent object of my approach, this study is a contribution to my reflection. I work on support slide, what allows to keep the spirit of the bright subject contrary to the paper support.

main haut

* These works are not presented on the site, but, yet all things come to him who waits; mean seeing often, one day your healthy & patient curiosity will be rewarded.