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Appeals & Propositions

SEEKING EXHIBITION VENUES I have in my pocket a number of projects and exhibitions facilities seeking their cases ...

Ampouple bhâ But I also seeks to work with venues, atypical or older preferably, chapels, castles, industrial buildings.
I remain open to any proposal.

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  To assemble the wildest projects, be more enlarge the way of possibles! Because I feel the need to consult with people who know more than me, I would like to create a network of resources in the most diverse fields, such as:

electronics, chemistry, physics, photography, painting, sculpture, modeling, mechanics, medicine, welding plants, literature & criticism, sociology, origami and more…

  Do not hesitate to offer your expertise! I'm also looking for volunteers happy tendencies hyper-textbooks, or beefy or good climbers, or passionate by repetitive tasks ...

  For now I focus in the Paris region, but I would willingly take note of all grant proposals daring!

Do not you get bored more: submit your time, I have for everyone!?!

All languages ​​and in particular:

Esperanto, English, Chinese, and all European languages​​.

What for?

Translate the site you see before your eyes, but also develop projects where words find their place and can be shared.

         Melle Bureau
        1, rue Edmond Bonté
        91130 Ris-Orangis

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