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I was born on March 27th, 1977 in Paris.

In 1995, high school diploma in literature (English, Russian, Spanish). A friend backed from Latin America learn me to work the thread of metal as the craftsmen of over there. My godmother offers me Nikon F that I desired to dash into the photography; I begin(undertake) studies of Spanish ( LCE) & thanks to the strikes of December I fly away towards Barcelone where I settle down one month later with au pair girl's status ( the first six months).

I stay four & a half years in the Catalan capital, participating actively in the alternativelife: creation of the protean place "l’Atelier-Art de Vivre Total", participation to the organization of free parties.

I become a DJ mixing the most diverse musical genres peers named(appointed) me “Queen of the Hard Listening”!)

I propose my first exhibitions by beginning in the bar "Aurora" the series of ‘Egocentrismo’ where the photography is pretext with words, installations & participation of the public.

In 2000 I work on the realization of a major part: a copper coat of mail (recycled electric cord) that I conceive in opposition with the idea warrior who is usually associated with it to make it a festive finery, The Coat of mail of Fou du Roy.

I spend then one year in the Gers to renew with ancient techniques a hurdy-gurdy house. By correspondence I obtain a Bachelor's degree in Language & Spanish Civilization.

Back in Paris region, I become resident in the Autonomous Center of Social Experiment (CAES), " artistic squat " since 1981 which has just known a dark period … My workshop is to be completely invented: there is neither water nor electricity & the failing roof has was of use as refuge to the pigeons during years. But the space is magnificent & once finished convenient to the creation. I begin to create ObjetLumineux, continue to photograph at intervals and to write a lot.

Since always I searh how to be for the world, alive and useful for the life, active in my time, in the middle of the people.

Spring, 2006, I take up with the series of " Egocentrismo " with “EGOCENTRISMO(ts!) lV” dans la très belle salle d’exposition du CAES (ObjetLumineux, photographie, mots, installations).

In spring, 2007, I participate in a collective exhibition in the premises of the association "Animakt" where I present a first version of the installation performance ‘Être au Feu du monde, Entier’.

Other collective exhibition in the CAES, where I present the installation ‘A Wood of Faces’ in homage to the jazzman Archie Shepp.

On the occasion of the Festival of the CAES, on June 16th and 17th I organize the first edition of the ‘Marchés (ré)Créatifs’ the purpose of which is the creation of creators' network of all edge and of innovative market space-time, mixing presentation blows of the work of each, live music, shows in the short format, the participation of the public, etc...

Within the framework of the program of the UNESCO on the Peace culture the City hall of Fleury Mérogis places at me order of a Arbre de la Paix with the cooperation of children and of teenagers of the city, it is presented on September 21st, 2007.

I participate then, in October, in an episode of the project RadioNomad : le 53 bis, (project created by François Sardi) installation in the district from Hautepierre to Strasbourg, on invitation of the Festival OKUP Caravane 4.

March 27th, 2008, private viewing of my new exhibition - personal installation: Appréhension d'un désir -Sol & Sombra- ,physical route presenting the various facets of my work in the case of different atmospheres.

Then two installations within the exhibition: Les Filles S'exposent Salle Paulo (19 on April 27th) , Poses Pédestres & Bien Douces Filles.

I present the installation [fεr bwa vεr] created for the event CADRAGE-DÉCADRAGE, « performative Installation for 10 propositions of current forms », on May 2nd & 3rd, 2008 in the CAES.

In September, 2008, the cultural service of the Community of Municipality of the country of Limours suggests me exhibit to the Domaine de Soucy from 7 till 23 November. I answer them that if they are not afraid of programming a woman in expectation of twins in her 7th month of pregnancy, it is with pleasure... It offers me the terrible opportunity to realize (SE) BALANCER, installation which I would qualify gladly as envy for pregnant woman because presents from the beginning of this period of gestation!

In spring, 2009 the collective V3M suggests me participating in the project CORRESPONDANCES (cf: http://v3m.atelier.free.fr/ ). Then I work hanging a few months to propose in October l'Atelier Recyclant & l'Atelier Sonore Modeste (this last part having failed for lack of budget, much to my regret…), workshops opened to the participation of the public, who was also invited to return « Small Rubbishes of the Everyday life, the exclusive materials of the creation ». And so from Monday to Friday from 9 am till 5 pm, such a big part of the Parisian workers we opened our three Cubes Workshops on the Place Carrée of the Forum des Halles in Paris to work to make increase a Forest canopy suspended, consisted of screenprintings create by V3M, of vegetables and my Squares of the Everyday life.

On May 29th & 30th, 2010, within the framework of the Festival Jeunes Pousses in Saulx les Chartreux (91), I proposed a series of Installations Modestes who took place in gardens or places of grateful passage of the public. For the first time this festival dedicated in entertainments of street & the runway opened in the installation. The welcome of the public, often been little used to this shape of share, was very warm.

On June 5th, I presented the installation Nature Artificielle 2, on a pontoon overhanging the Seine in Ris Orangis, on the occasion of the Journée des Branchés (first edition of an event organized by the municipality, « a day without TV » where the city teemed with diverse propositions)

During several months 2010 I work actively on the preparation of an evolutionary and participative installation for monumental vocation which had to have for name:

                                                                              * = ENSEMBLE

This installation should have taken place on the site of the future eco-district of the Docks de Ris, on the surface of some 4 000 square meters for a period of six months. It main materials were again « the Small Rubbishes of the Everyday life ». You can discover the detail of this installation by clicking this pdf, I continue to look for a place & the means to realize it.

During the months of autumn & winter, 2010, I get back all the doors & the windows of a building of the CAES intended for a total rehabilitation.
From April till June I assemble them to build a labyrinth. On June 5th the installation with evolutionary vocation UN LABYRINTHE POUR LE TEMPS RÉVOLU opens its doors.
On June 25th I propose the performance (S') OUVRIR, (SE) VIVRE in a space dedicated by the Labyrinth.

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