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Evolving Installation with 111 doors & 216 windows, a place, a stories
& a present under construction.

  • 1_vue_toit
  • 2_entrée
  • 3_pas
  • 4_saut
  • 5_cherche
  • 6_trouve
  • 7_eureka
  • 8_ciel
  • 9_apres_deluge

- III - Nicolas Jalu in Labyrinthe

"Labyrinth is a seductress quest in 4 tables moving through different means of expression. From Discovery to co-existence, from dance to sign language, this loving parade leads us to the osmosis between the individual and the instrument. "

Labyrinth (film)

A time-lapse is a video animation made ​​with a series of photos taken at different times to present in a period of short time the evolution of the photographed object over a long period.

Time-lapse Nuit tombante (animation)
Time-lapse Dédale peuplé d'ombres (animation)
Time-lapse Ombre Passante (animation)

- I - Writings :

The Labyrinth, life metaphor : an enclosed space, an individual who enters it, looking for meaning, sometimes longer, until it leaves.
In the maze of our lives in moderns, the choices we make is what saves us, loses us, is proper to us.
Face to face with our daily, the choice is what we have against the immense complexity of the world.
Soon you will enter through a door that opens from others who do not open. When you will enter you may want to look through the first window to see what is there & you will see a forest of his fellows assembled to lose you. Now you're in a place where everything evokes the passage, surrounded by these things surprisingly familiar in this world that are closed doors.
You will come across things to do, to experiment, to discover : to live simply. In anticipation of finding an exit that you do not really know when you will want it presents itself at your fingertips.
The Labyrinth, this little world is vast of possibilities , reflected & / or spontaneous: what will you become?!

A story of Labyrinth for the Time has gone by (pdf)

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