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(The Tree of Peace)

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Order of the City of Fleury Mérogis which, in the framework of UNESCO for promoting a Culture of Peace, organized an evening September 21, 2007 to mark the International
Day of Peace.

We are all a part of the Great Tree of Humanity.

Trees are like men, all different, although various species. So I chose to gather branches of many species (oak, poplar, boxwood, bamboo, etc ...) to form the Great Tree in the figure varied.
The Dove of Peace wanted to participate: it offered its feathers. So I replaced the leaves with a white plumage, a gift of the animal kingdom.
But peace is not like the snow one morning covered everything ; she is the daughter of constant work of man as a gardener. To represent him at his feet I put a watering can of Light that pours a flood of feathers to feed the Tree of Peace.

Before going to order the mayor of Fleury had started the process to collect messages of peace to engage residents.
I wish I had been the leader of the creation of support for these messages, but I still managed to create the support that allowed the integration of these messages of peace as if they were successful.
I placed at the foot of the tree a basket full of these strange fruits.

Height : 5m5o circumference : 6m

Material : Branches of various tree species 3m50 minimum (which is common to have a very straight main stem), white feather,
a zinc watering can, a PVC tube of 35 cm in diameter 70cm high, a lamp, ivy.

This tree was created with the free participation of children's recreation center
& adolescents of the youth club.

① I want to make other trees of feathers taking as support of dead trees in the wild or, if I can find a type of non-toxic glue to the tree in an urban winter.
I want to use different colors of feathers: red, downtown, as a return in the fall in winter in black on a tree, to contrast with other, white ...

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