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Projet collectif entêté par François Sardi
RadioNomad, the 53 bis (Collective project lead by François Sardi)

Radionomad you will find some of the interviews!

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The first set RadioNomade is the result of 15 days at the cité of Hautepierre, suburb classified "hot" of Strasbourg. From 10 to 28 October 2007 at the invitation of the association OKUP, I've made ​​a sound installation in situ, mix between my work of sound design & editing of interviews conducted during the period of residence. All spread in a ground floor consists of seven parts, in the heart of the city. People, socio-cultural, political leaders & urban planner were interviewed. The project was carried out in collaboration with the artist [bhâ dit Hoô dit béné dit Melle Bureau], photographers Christophe Urbain & Mathilde Mestrallet & the electrician Benjamin Guillet.

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