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(Be in the Fire of the World)

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Installation carried out as part of the group show « Les Filles s’Exposent à la Barakt » presented at the premises of the association Animakt, at Saulx les Chartreux (91) in april 2007.

I had to my installing a semi-covered courtyard in an old farmhouse.

I wanted to pass this constant attempt to Be real in an impossible world, where everything is Fire (love, ramp, etc); where this vital Fire is covered by the ashes of a daily low.

For this, I created a landscape of ash & dust, like a desert wood reduced.
I kept an empty space of the courtyard of cobblestones that I surrounded with nails burned, as the witness of the transition charge of the History of mankind.

On the walls, we read in letters of wood surrounded by light :

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Twice fallen « X », represent the futility of the world that we finally come to bring down force to unlearn the surplus to go to the point.

The performance begins when I turn on a twig of wood prepared, small flame of life; I approach a small mound of sawdust and begins to ignite letters then form the word « ENTIER. ». As they complete the burn, I sit cross-legged behind and rotates the stick ignited
figure 8 lying, symbol of the INFINITE - a moment in which I participate - until it goes off…

Dust, ash, iron, light string, nails burned, water, gas, wood pallet, small branch, fire.

① I want to make a variant that incorporates a video device.
This would consist of a video projector projecting the images - that remain up - from the first installation of three tulles arranged one behind the other.
These tulles will have the dimension of the general public televisions most common.

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