Questionnaires II & Game


Small instructions for use of questionnaires:

How I wish that you look the best of yourself, I let you the freedom not answer all the questionnaire! In that case specify: JOKER in fields of answer!

Games !

The Game of the Transformations:

I discovered by building my site which, according to the used browser, the display really varies (you can notice it by you even if you usually navigate with Internet Explorer & on what you decide to download firefox!) Enjoy downloading various browsers (for example: opera, safari, chiira, navigator) open the same page at the same time on the various browsers. Watch the site being transformed according to the interpretation that every browser in fact! Send me an e-mail with all your observations...

[bhâ dit Hoô dit béné dit Melle Bureau]

The second salvo of questions!

(Picked in the end of the private viewing of the collective exposure Trojan horse in the CAES of Laughter Orangis on April 4th, 2009)

  1. What there is under your feet ?
  2. What is for you the happiness ?
  3. Can we hear the others?
  4. Are we obliged to ask question ?
  5. Have you already heard the noise of a snowflake which falls on the white coat ?
  6. yes no
  7. Do you eat your boogers ?
  8. Why would not there be anything rather than anything ?
  9. When did you observe for last time a strange shape in a cloud, and what was it ?
  10. Have you an idea ?
  11. (9 bis) Want it to You ?

End of the second salvo of questions !

Your question to the humanity:

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