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“Personal reading of the
life & the world focused
on the study of myself”

Series of exhibitions began in Barcelona in 1998.

Back in France, I wanted the name of the series sound more frenchy while maintaining the musicality of the original.
While the text portion of the exhibition was growing, it seemed appropriate, add the letters T & S in lower case between parentheses to emphasize the presence of the words; while making distance with the slightly pompous side & finally exhibitionist as
the title suggests....

This work is a continuous questioning about myself, which can not be completed until the hour of my death.
I am the subject, the material
& the object of my research.
Through the setting words of my individuality, with all the variety of possibilities of expression that writing, photography & installation allow me. These seek to understand the ins & outs of myself to consider more generally being in the world.

So my job is also a search on our time, all turned to the contemplation of the ego in all its forms: self-centeredness, egotism, selfishness…

Photographic Self-portraits:

This reflects that photography offers me to freeze chosen at time of trigger to present to the world is different from the portrait because it was born in solitude & is not the result of a relationship with the other. If it is a game, then it is played with myself, with the curiosity of imprisoning the moment channeling a creative impulse.

These self-portraits easily deliver a fascination with mirrors & reflections: a persistent desire to see me in the place that my body lives so as to verify a physical existence. Question my image by freezing, use the artifice of memory.

Photographic Portraits:

- People with whom I share my life....
- Accept that other photograph me, is to accept the presence of the Other, of being to Another, of the Other witness of itself & always research on the living, the exploration, share it, recognize it.


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